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Some years ago, we changed the way we approached the staining, caulking and chinking of the log homes that we were building. What we were seeing was a general lack of knowledge concerning products and techniques and a glaring deficiency in workmanship with the majority of the staining shops we were interviewing and or trying to use. It was at this point that we decided to take over the staining, caulking and chinking on our own projects. This immediately resulted in two positives:

1) created additional value with quality workmanship and materials

2) we found by keeping these critical elements under our control, legitimate questions and concerns from our clients concerning products and workmanship are eliminated.

From designing, to building, to maintaining, we have a comprehensive list of services available:
  • New Home Design and Construction
  • Log home inspections
  • Structural analysis
  • Log repair
  • Log replacement
  • Stain/finish removal
  • Sanding
  • Buffing
  • Interior, exterior restoration
  • Interior, exterior staining, caulking and chinking
  • Regular scheduled maintenance
  • Expert legal witness
Lake Wisconsin Construction is a state licensed, fully insured and environmentally safe company. As always referrals are available upon request. We would hope that you would take a minute to E-Mail or call us with any questions needs or wants, we may be able to help you.
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