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There are few custom log home builders so exceptional they do not require superlatives. Lake Wisconsin Construction is such a company.

What are the qualities you should look for in a log home builder? At Lake Wisconsin Construction, we believe you deserve a builder that is as passionate about your home as you are.

Our dedication is easy to see; it's in the materials we use as well as in the uniqueness of every design. It's in our craftsmanship and in the way we work tirelessly with each and every client to achieve perfection.

Our passion shows with every log home restoration project, it is in the seamless results of every log repair and every log replacement.

Our attention to detail is obvious even with the mundane, tasks such as stain removal and sanding logs, tedious, but essential to the project.

The need to create a unique and inviting home or business has taken Lake Wisconsin Construction to a new level. We now offer even more diverse choices by representing our partner company, LWC Painting.

Our unparallel perfection shows with every log home stained, every log home chinked, every log home caulked.

So that upon completion one word and
only one word comes to mind.....
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